By seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with elements of Australia’s rich aviation history, CASA has created a workspace that is not only visually stunning but also functional and reflective of its mission.


We offer a wide range of profiles to suit all applications. You’ll find all the typical shapes you already love, but also unique and specialist products for more demanding applications.

Custom Photometry Generator

Quick and easy way to create the exact file length you are wishing to use in your design in seconds, saving time with projects involving linear extrusion.


This exceptional workspace is a testament to Hammond Studio’s unwavering passion for design and creativity. Every detail matters sn our XD Profiles played a pivotal role in crafting an inspiring and welcoming environment for their team and clients alike.

XD Profiles

Our profiles use Aluminium extruded in New Zealand, where the majority of energy is generated from renewable energy sources. What’s more, our XD profiles last longer and use less energy to run.

XD, which stands for ‘Cross Ditch’, is a leading range of Architectural Linear Profiles manufactured in Australia using high quality components.

3 Parramatta Square

3 Parramatta Square is one part of the five-part mixed-use redevelopment precinct known as Parramatta Square, a three-hectare site next to Parramatta railway station. This iconic project has broadened the city skyline and incorporated cutting-edge, sustainable, world-class design, reflecting the highest standards of global architecture. 

XD Profile’s Flat Freddie 14 was used to help create the statement architectural feature of the build, a ‘red thread’ staircase, traversing through a large central atrium.

Fat Yak Bar at Sydney Airport

The Fat Yak Bar sits in a prominent location in the new Urban Retail Precinct in Terminal 2 at Sydney Airport. The bar combines the irreverent, raw character of the Fat Yak brand with the precinct’s requirements for a natural and authentic palette of materials.

The Downhill Dan 14 profile provides overall task lighting to the inner functions of the bar. The opal diffuser allows consistent distribution of light quality and great glare control.

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