About Us

XD, pronounced ‘Cross Ditch’, is a leading range of Architectural Linear Profiles manufactured in Australia using high quality components.


Tread Lightly

Our profiles use Aluminium extruded in New Zealand, where the majority of energy is generated from renewable energy sources. What’s more, our XD profiles last longer and use less energy to run.

Experience Your World in full

We work with the best LEDs available on the market, making colours more vibrant, spaces brighter and lives richer.

Factory Assembled

Unlike most products which are assembled by tradesmen on site, the Light Culture XD Range is cut and assembled in our factory in NSW. By doing this, the highest possible Quality Assurance can be maintained from millimetre accurate lengths down to precision soldering on the LED strips.

Think Outside the Square

We offer a wide range of profiles to suit all applications. You’ll find all the typical shapes you already love, but also a wide range to unique and specialist products for more demanding applications.

Contact Us

 1300 300 904