Virgin Australia Lounge, Adelaide

Virgin Australia’s highly awaited Adelaide Airport Lounge, designed by Brisbane-based WMK Architecture, completes Virgin Australia’s network of seven domestic lounges located at major airports across Australia.

The Lounge is true to the Virgin Australia brand, offering frequent flyers a warm, light, authentic, and welcoming atmosphere. Upon entering, guests are greeted by a breeze block feature wall with canopy ceilings, followed by ceramic tiling and a vast light-filled room with a centre walkway that leads to various dining and seating areas. The Lounge is completed with ambient lighting, vivid greenery, and Australian sustainable furniture, making it a relaxing and uncomplicated spot to refresh and recharge in a delightfully Virgin way.

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Arup developed the overall lighting scheme to complement the interior design with colour temperatures and lighting levels varying to suit different functions and tasks performed. Using lighting controls and dimming, the electrical lighting responds to the natural daylight to reduce energy, provide stronger visual connections to the exterior environment and create distinct changes in atmosphere from day to night. Warm to dim lighting was used as subtle ambient lighting throughout with localised task, decorative and integrated lighting within architectural details.

Creative integration of light elements in the entrance was possible due to the compact and efficient solution provide by Covert Charlie 20. This profile from XD transforms light onto an architectural and sculptural element that effortlessly creates ambience within the entrance space. The range of fixing brackets allows direct light according to the geometry of the cove, while the diffused, lambertian distribution generates soft, shadow-free illumination.

The aluminium extrusions, and LED strips with short cutting lengths mean that a wide range of lengths can be accommodated. This allowed for Covert Charlie to be custom cut to fit “corner to corner”  in the bathrooms which feature shower rooms with floor-to-ceiling mirrors and bench seats.

WMK Architecture Director Russell Grady said the design of the Lounge is unlike anything else in Australian airports, setting the scene for Virgin Australia’s exciting new direction.

“In true Virgin Australia style, we’ve really elevated the playful elements in signage, furniture, and vibrant lighting features, adding pops of colour and energising moments, to enrich the lounge’s natural material palette. It’s a venue that provides frequent flyers with a warm and relaxing space when they fly,” said Mr Grady.

Swaab Office
Swaab Office
Swaab Office

Project Details:

Location Adelaide Airport, SA
Architect WMK Architecture
Photography Cam Murchison

Used Products:

Covert Charlie 20

Covert Charlie 20

XD Profiles